Enrol a User in a Course

You can enrol any user with a Moodle account on your Moodle course. If they don’t yet have a Moodle account, they must create/enrol on any Bilkent Moodle course via their own AIRS and/or SRS screens. Remember, though, that:

To enrol a user on a Moodle course, do the following:

  • Click on “Participants” in the left hand menu.

  • The list of participants will open.
  • Click the “Enrol users” button of the participant list page at top right corner.

  • Use the search box, filters, or list of available users to select the person(s) you want to enrol

  • Select their role from the “Assign Role” pull down list of available roles. Click the show more/less links for more options.

  • And, done…