Assign Roles to Course Participants

You can assign the roles of student, non-editing teacher, or teacher to any user enrolled on your Moodle course. Please note that in order for you to assign a role:

To change the Moodle role of an enrolled user, do the following:

  • Click “Participants” on the left hand menu

  • Filter the list of enrolled participants, or navigate to the participant whose role you want to change. If you don’t see the person in the list of participants, check the following:
  • To assign a role, click the pencil icon in the “role” column.

  • Either type the role name in the search box or click the down arrow for a list of roles to choose from. Available roles are student, teacher, and non-editing teacher.

  • When a role is selected, an icon will appear above the search box.
  • Click the disk icon to save the new role assignment. To remove the participant’s old role, press the “x” on the role icon.

  • And done…