Assign a Teaching Assistant (TA) via AIRS

The instructor must log into AIRS and grant (Email/SAPS) rights to the TA for the desired course section(s). You will need to know their name/Bilkent ID number.

Note: you do not need to grant all rights…  (and probably you/they will not be using SAPS anyway, so while it doesn’t really matter, just give minimum access!)

The granted rights are successfully confirmed…

The instructor can now log out of AIRS.

The teaching assistant should now log in to AIRS (not SRS!) and choose the “Moodle” option from the left-hand menu (near the bottom) to open the AIRS Moodle screen.

Then, in the “Other Courses block, they should click the Green “Enrol in Moodle Course” button next to the course-section they have been granted rights for. 

This will create an account and add them to the specified course-section with “non-editing teacher” role. They can then choose the “Go to Moodle Page” option from the “Operations” button that appears.

If you want your TA to be able to create Moodle activities and resources for you, you can assign them a teacher role in Moodle (see Assign Roles to Course Participants)