Add Visitor Student via AIRS

You can enroll a guest student who is not officially registered to the course in AIRS by navigating to the “Your Courses” block of the AIRS Moodle interface, clicking the “Operations” button next to the relevant section, and selecting the “Add Visitor Student” option.

Remember, visitor students can only be added to the course sections listed under “Your Courses”. You cannot add visitor students to combined courses.

In the “Add Visitor Student” dialog that opens, enter the student’s Bilkent ID and click “Search Student”, then click the “Enrol Student in Moodle Course” button.        

To use this option, you need to know the Bilkent student ID of the visiting student, so s/he must be an official Bilkent student with a Moodle account for the current semester.

If the guest is a non-Bilkenter or a student or staff member who doesn’t have an active Moodle account, please contact the Moodle support team for assistance (