As well as the STARS/AIRS-integrated moodle for courses offered at Bilkent, BETS also maintain a “general-purpose” Moodle site, known colloquially as the “gen moodle”, for use by instructors, departments, administrators, research groups, student clubs, training programs, etc.:

Example uses of the gen moodle include an instructor sandbox for designing new courses, a departmental information page, practice courses for student educators, an in-service training program page, a student club website, etc.

To request gen moodle user accounts and courses, email the Moodle support team at

In the email, please include the following information:

  1. desired course short name (must be different from the course full name)
  2. desired course full name (a suggested title for your course, e.g., “Jenny Smith’s sandbox” or “EEE 101 Course Resources”, etc.)
  3. category ID (this is always 1 for “miscellaneous”)
  1. Bilkent ID (type this in “username” please)
  2. Bilkent email address
  3. first name
  4. surname
  5. department (code, e.g., FAE, CITE, etc.)
  6. course enrolment (type the “course short name” as specified either above or in your course settings; must be different from the course full name)
  7. role in course: student, editingteacher, or teacher (=non-editing teacher/TA)


To preserve Turkish characters in users’ names – ÇçĞğİɪÖöÜüŞş – the user list excel needs to be uploaded to Moodle as a Unicode text file with UTF-8 encoding. To convert the file, do the following:

  1. In MS Excel, save the spreadsheet as type “Unicode text”
  2. Open the file with Notepad (or other text editor), and click “save as”, and set the “encoding” option to UTF-8. Click save.
  3. When uploading to moodle (site administration > users > upload users) set “CSV delimiter” to /t (tab delimiter) and leave “encoding” as UTF-8 (this should be the default anyway)

To keep things organised, please create departmental categories as necessary and move new courses from the “miscellaneous” category.