Combine Sections/Courses

Many courses offered at Bilkent are split into “sections”. Usually, however, the same person teaches some or all of the sections. Combining the sections into one combined Moodle course is a widely-used way to reduce time spent on Moodle content management.

Up till now, all the teachers who wanted to combine courses had to contact Moodle admins and make the request. In the new version, teachers can combine their own courses themselves using the tool(s) on their AIRS screens.

WARNING: Combining courses is an irreversible action! See the FAQ Who can split courses I mistakenly combined via AIRS?

Create and Combine Your Own Sections

  • Log in to the AIRS system and open the Moodle interface (see Log in to Moodle (via AIRS/BUSEL or Moodle Server/App)
  • Click the “Create Combined Moodle Courses” button to open the Create Combined Courses dialog below.
  • Click the check boxes next to the desired sections and press the “Create Combined Moodle Course” button.

In the example above, the instructor is teaching two courses, CS-101 and and CS-102, and wants to have only one moodle page for each course. The three sections of CS-101 are already combined. By selecting the checkboxes next to CS 102 sections 1 through 5, the instructor can simultaneously create Moodle courses for those sections and combine them into a single Moodle course.

Once a combined course (or “Meta Course” in Moodle parlance) is created, it will be named automatically. You cannot change combined course names in the Moodle system.

Once the sections are combined and a meta-course created, you MUST make the combined course available to students as well (see Make a Course Available/Unavailable to Students)

Combine Sections with Different Teachers

Some courses have quite a number of sections and many teachers who have a few sections each. If you need to combine sections taught by different teachers, you can ask the designated “Course Coordinator” to do this. Your department decides who the coordinator will be and specifies their role in the STARS system.

Combine Courses from Different Departments

Some courses at Bilkent are offered by different departments under different course codes; although they are the same course and may be taught by the same instructor(s). If you need to combine such courses, contact the moodle support team (