How can I get a Moodle page not linked to STARS?

BETS also maintain a “general-purpose” Moodle site, which is not integrated with the student database on STARS, for use by departments, research groups, BUPS, student clubs,  training programs, etc., known colloquially as the “gen moodle”:

To request gen moodle user accounts, instructor sandbox, departmental page, or other course, email the Moodle support team at Please include:

  • Include your school and department
  • Suggest a title for your course (e.g., “Jenny Smith’s sandbox” or “EEE 101 Course Resources”, etc.)
  • Attach this Excel file (gen3-user-upload-blank), completed with all course users’:
  1. Bilkent ID (type this in “username” please)
  2. Bilkent email address
  3. First name
  4. Surname
  5. Department (code, e.g., FAE, CITE, etc.)
  6. Course (type the “course short name” – you can find this in your course settings. It must be different to the course full name.)
  7. Role: student, editingteacher, or teacher (=non-editing teacher)


To preserve Turkish characters in users’ names – ÇçĞğİɪÖöÜüŞş – the user list excel needs to be uploaded to Moodle as a Unicode text file with UTF-8 encoding. To convert the file, do the following:

  1. In MS Excel, save the spreadsheet as type “Unicode text”
  2. Open the file with Notepad (or other text editor), and click “save as”, and set the “encoding” option to UTF-8. Click save.
  3. When uploading to moodle (site administration > users > upload users) set “CSV delimiter” to /t (tab delimiter) and leave “encoding” as UTF-8 (this should be the default anyway)