Bilkent Theatre Department educates and trains undergraduate students to become top actors and theatre artists in Turkey and on the world stage, and enjoys a reputation of being a national first-choice for many students in Turkey.  Our international faculty, training and realized production work enables students to interpret, analyze and perform in a variety of disciplines and styles from classical plays to cutting-edge post-modern theatre and from the stage to the screen.  We believe in training students who are informed and inspired to continue to learn and grow and become leaders in their field and develop relevant theatrical experiences for the diverse communities that they serve.


Founded in 1985 by one of the pioneers of Turkish theater, Cüneyt Gökçer, Bilkent University FMPA Theater Department is the first and most prestigious private acting department in Turkey. With its internationally-acclaimed award-winning faculty and top-notch production facilities and stages, the department trains its undergraduate students with a rigorous curriculum that provides the creative tools for graduates to be fully-equipped artists performing in Turkey and world stages.

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