Senior Students Premiere New Play: “La Ronde”

A new production of Arthur Schnitzler’s play “La Ronde,” staged by Department of Performing Arts students as a senior project, had its premiere on December 6 in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Theater Hall. The play will run through December 27.


Schnitzler, an Austrian author and dramatist, wrote “La Ronde” (“Reigen” in the original German) in 1897. The play, set in Vienna in the 1890s, looks at the sexual morals and class ideology of its day through a series of encounters between pairs of characters, from royals to sex workers. Controversial for its provocative subject in its own period, “La Ronde” has since been adapted for film, TV and opera, and has inspired many contemporary plays with its unique dramatic structure.

The Bilkent production is directed by Jason Hale and performed in Turkish; the translation is by Beril Bozam. Costume design is by İnci Kangal Özgür, lighting design by Yılmaz Ertekin and set design by Özlem Gergin. Cast members are Ecem Aydın, Yeliz Balım, Selim Galip, Burak Günaydın, Orkun Can İzan, Burçak Kaya, Ege Kesmeci, Turgay Korkmaz, Beril Bozam and Yağmur Uzunoğlu.

The play is recommended for audience members age 18 and over. Remaining performances will take place on December 13, 20 and 27 at 8 p.m. in the FMPA Theater Hall. Bus service will be provided from the FMPA building to Tunus Street in downtown Ankara following each performance.

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