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Multi-Technique UHV Surface Analysis System for Model Catalyst Research

Analysis of planar model catalysts in the form of single crystals and ultra thin-films via IRAS, XPS, TPD & LEED

Custom-made In-situ FTIR and Temperature Programmed Desorption System with a Spectroscopic Batch Reactor

Real-time investigation of surface reactions on mesoporous powder catalysts by combining vibrational spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy.

Nanomaterial Surface Characterization by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

SPECS Phobios XPS System for surface analysis of nanomaterials,
thinfilms and powders.

Realistic Catalytic Activity & Selectivity tests in flow mode

Custom-made flow-mode reactor with Bruker Matrix gas phase IR analyzer, QMS and GC.

Photocatalytic Performance Test System

Investigation of gas phase photocatalytic activity & selectivty in Flow mode in a custom-made reactor using Chemiluminiscence NOx Analyzer.