Mohammad Askari


B.Sc. – Middle East Technical University (METU NCC), Mechanical Engineering Department, 2015

Research Interests / Current Research Topic:

Foldable robot design, miniature robot control and modeling

Contact Information:

Selected Publications:
Conference Papers

  • Askari, M., Karakadıoğlu, C., Ayhan, F., Özcan, O. (2017). “MinIAQ-II: A Miniature Foldable Quadruped with an Improved Leg Mechanism”, IEEE ROBIO’17. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics p.19-25, Macau, China
  • Karakadıoğlu, C., Askari, M., Özcan, O. (2017). “Design and Operation of MinIAQ: An Untethered Foldable Miniature Quadruped with Individually Actuated Legs”, IEEE AIM’17. IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics p.247-252, Munich, Germany