Postdoctoral researchers:

Bilkent Miniature Robotics Lab is not currently seeking postdoctoral researchers due to funding issues regarding post-docs. However, candidates with external fellowships are welcome to contact Dr. Ozcan to discuss opportunities. TUBITAK and YTB have several fellowship opportunities.

Graduate students:

Every year we try to admit a few graduate students interested in miniature robots. For the applications to be considered, the prospective students should submit a formal application through the Bilkent University graduate study application system. If you are interested in a graduate study (MS or PhD) on miniature robotics, contact Dr. Ozcan in addition to sending a formal application to the university.

Undergraduate research opportunities:

We welcome all Bilkent University undergraduates, who are interested in gaining research experience in the areas of robot design, circuit design, small scale fabrication, controls and materials. We discourage short term projects (single semester), since there is a significant amount of training required prior to participating in one of our main research projects/teams. Bilkent students interested in long-term intensive research projects are encouraged to contact Dr. Ozcan.