Call for Participation

Call for Participation

The eNTERFACE Workshops present an opportunity of collaborative research and software development by gathering, in a single place, a team of senior project leaders in multimodal interfaces, PhD students, and (undergraduate) students, to work on a pre-specified list of challenges, for the duration of four weeks. Participants are organized in teams, assigned to specific projects. The ultimate goal is to make this event a unique opportunity for students and experts all over the world to meet and effectively work together, so as to foster the development of tomorrow’s multimodal research community.

A special issue in Journal on Multimodal Interfaces, devoted to the eNTERFACE 2019 results, will be organized. There will be invited talks/seminars and social events during the workshop including a trip to Cappadocia.

Senior researchers, PhD, or undergraduate students interested in participating to the Workshop should send their application by emailing the Organizing Committee at on or before April 22nd, 2019. The application should contain:

  • A short CV
  • A list of three preferred projects to work on
  • A list of skills to offer for these projects.

Participants must procure their own travel and accommodation expenses. Note that although no scholarships are available, there are no application fees.

eNTERFACE’19 will welcome students, researchers, and seniors, working in teams on the following projects:

A Multimodal Behaviour Analysis Tool for Board Game Interventions with Children

Full Description (PDF) | contact: a.a.salah [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Kubra Ergin
Metehan Doyran
Batikan Turkmen
Pinar Baki
Predefined members
Albert Ali Salah (project leader)
Ronald Poppe
Arjan Schimmel
Cozmo4Resto: A Practical AI Application for Human-Robot Interaction

Full Description (PDF) | contact: kevin.elhaddad [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Bulut Ulukapi
Ella Velner
Candan Herdem
Predefined members
Kevin El Haddad (project leader)
Mr. Noe Tits (project leader)
Mr. Hugo Bohy
Mr. Sohaib Laraba
Developing a Scenario-Based Video Game Generation Framework for Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments

Full Description (PDF) | contact: elifs [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Emin Alp Bıyık
Zeynep Nur Öztürk
Zeliha Oğuz
Büşra Şenderin
Burak Altan
Servet Gürer
Furkan Yücel
Predefined members
Elif Surer (project leader)
Mustafa Erkayaoğlu
Hafize Şebnem Düzgün
Exploring Interfaces and Interactions for Graph-based Architectural Modelling in VR

Full Description (PDF) | contact: adrien.coppens [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Naz Yilmaz
Sila Turku Kokerer
Erdi Sumer
Predefined members
Adrien Coppens (project leader)
Mohamed-Anis Gallas
Spatio-temporal and Multimodal Analysis of Personality Traits

Full Description (PDF) | contact: dibeklioglu [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Merve Kiniklioglu
Can Ufuk Ertenli
Asli Gul Kurt
Merve Nur Doganli
Predefined members
Hamdi Dibeklioğlu (project leader)
Seref Can Guler
Emre Mutlu
Berhan Faruk Akgür
Burak Mandıra
Dersu Giritlioğlu
Stress and Performance Related Multi-modal Data Collection, Feature Extraction and Classification in an Interview Setting

Full Description (PDF) | contact: dgokcay [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Anil Berk Delikaya
Baris Akin
Burak Kula
Didenur Sahin
Predefined members
Didem Gokcay (project leader)
Huseyin Hacihabiboglu
Selen Pehlivan
Bilgin Avenoglu
Fatih Ileri
Volleyball Action Modelling for Behaviour Analysis and Interactive Multi-modal Feedback

Full Description (PDF) | contact: f.a.salim [at]

Assigned members (applicants)
Sena Busra Yengec Tandemir
Izem Tengiz
Vahid Naghashi
Berat Biçer
Predefined members
Fahim A. Salim (project leader)
Fasih Haider
Kübra Cengiz
Bert-Jan van Beijnum
Saturnino Luz