Blanc Inc. Introduces SPAC

Welcome to Blanc Incorporated

Blanc Incorporated is a technology company which creates IoT solutions. We aim to help create a more connected world in which all of the solutions of your problems reside on your phone.


Innovative, efficient, transparent, customer oriented, reliable, user friendly, scalable, fast, secure


To create easy to use, efficient and innovative solutions which leaves both the customers and pets happy and satisfied.


To create a world where our pets can stop being a source of labor and only be our friends.

As a group of six enthusiastic engineers, gathered together to bring innovation, we had nothing but our ideals at the very beginning of our corporatization journey. After laying our technical and business plans, we worked hard to bring the product in our ideas to the real world, and we did it! Now that we have our product at hand, it is time to introduce it to traders.

My name is Tarkan Özvardar. I am a veterinarian and a dog training specialist. I have been working in the areas as a professional for 27 years. I am working on training, and rehabilitation of behavior disorders especially. In addition, i am a newspaper author of Hürriyet. Before Hürriyet, i was writing for Habertürk newspaper in the past.

Smart Pet Accessories

SPAC Smart Collar

Tracking your pet was never easier!

SPAC Smart Pet Door

Say goodbye to animal intruders!

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Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
+90 (312) 290 40 00

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