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  • MECHANOCHEMISTRY: Our team is interested in solving chemical problems related with mechanical to chemical energy conversions, which is simply called as mechanochemistry. Mechanical energy is so abundant around us! Mechanical energy is usually associated with working machines but as we walk, drive and even when we breathe we create mechanical energy, too. Our aim is to harvest this energy and turn it into chemical energy, by which we can create useful products.


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  • ELECTROSTATICS: Understanding the molecular mechanism of electrostatics is a 2000-year-old problem. We are pursuing an organic chemist’s approach, which recently led to a paradigm shift in electrostatics research, to enlighten this mechanism.


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  • SOFT ROBOTICS: We are also active in synthesizing materials and producing new material systems,which respond to external stimulus. Our favorite stimulus is mechanical input, but we also mix-and-match other stimuli for building up complex systems.


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Have you ever thought that “Why does wood not get charged?” The answer is behind the lignin chemistry!

Our recent article is live on ACS Chemistry of Materials.

Title: Why Does Wood Not Get Contact Charged? Lignin as an Antistatic Additive for Common Polymers.

We are on the Advanced Materials Cover !

Stretchable Gels: Mechanical Control of Periodic Precipitation in Stretchable Gels to Retrieve Information on Elastic Deformation and for the Complex Patterning of Matter

PhD Student Recruitment for H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network, SMART ITN.

1 PHD position is available in our group !

Our robots are featured in NewScientist magazine !

Robot with origami leaves can follow the sun like a real plant.

Robot plants made from origami mimic transpiration to track the sun

Electrostatics Society of America (ESA) Rising Star Award 2019

Türk araştırmacılar yeni nesil “yumuşak robotlar” geliştiriyor.

Bilkent Ünverstesnden araştırmacılar, ahtapot, salyangoz, fare gibi hayvanların
esneyebilir vücut özelliklerinden esinlenerek yeni nesil yumuşak yapılı robotlar
geliştirmeye başladı…

Controlling Static Electricity by Light

On contacting (dielectric) surfaces static charges accumulate – causing a phenomenon known as ‘static electricity’. Although…

Control of triboelectric charges on common polymers by photoexcitation of organic dyes

Triboelectric charging of insulators, also known as contact charging in which electrical charges develop on surfaces upon…

Faculty Q&A: Interview with Bilge Baytekin

IUPAC names 10 chemistry innovations that will change the world !