Get it passed, get it fast.

Are you tired of waiting in queues?

PassGet is a smart shopping basket technology as an alternative payment method to reduce queues.

PassGet uses RFID & IoT technologies to improve in-store processes and inventory monitoring of retailers.


PassGet is free to use! Users don’t need to pay anything extra. You can use your credit card to purchase the items without any fees.

Easy and Fast

Select the product to purchase. Scan the product to PassGet and place it into basket. To complete payment, match your basket by your phone and check out with one button. It’s smooth and simple.


PassGet has the best of both worlds! Choose the product for your need in the physical store and complete your payment with our reliable system. No unfitting products, no payment troubles.

Take the product

Scan it to PassGet

Pay with your phone and leave the store!

Technical Specifications

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the essential part of PassGet. Using RFID, PassGet identifies the items which user puts into the basket. Since every RFID has its own unique tag, PassGet knows which items are selected by customer.

PassGet uses Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to set the communication between the server and the basket. By this way the system is always online with its back-ups. System is always synchronizing itself with the server, it is up-to- date!

When it is time to purchase the selected items, the users will be able to complete their check out on the go by using the Mobile Payment API & Technologies.

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