Did you know that?

70% of customers leave the queue after waiting 5 minutes at most.

A store serving 500 customers per day who each wait 10 minutes in the checkout line is losing an extra $1.8 million each year.

Even if customers know that online shopping is faster, 83% still prefers in-store purchases.


What is PassDesk?

PassDesk is an inventory tracking system and CRM data provider. Current system lets each item have its own unique identification number on its tag. It is possible to keep track of each product from production till sale. Also, PassDesk collects sales data from each transaction. Our algorithms analyze data and provide meaningful statistical results and their interpretation.

PassDesk makes inventory tracking easier than ever. With long-range RFID readers, stocktaking and acceptance of goods become automated. So, retailers can track exact inventory data without human error.

PassDesk doesn’t focus on just one problem. RFID-tag alarms make stealing almost impossible. So, one of the biggest problems of retailers is aimed to be minimized and remedied.

PassDesk provides relevant customer information to retailers. Statistical analyses and interpretations of CRM data are provided for free.

PassDesk Decreases Theft

Traditional alarms are replaced with new long-range RFID readers. These long-range RFID readers are way more accurate and reliable than traditional alarms, because traditional alarms can be deceived easily, or they can be removed easily with some basic tricks. On the contrary, PassDesk can stop almost any attempt of robbery by using an extra RFID tag as a hidden alarm.

PassDesk Simplifies Inventory Tracking

PassDesk facilitates stocktaking processes and acceptance of goods, which are the main issues of inventory tracking. With PassDesk, staff members can easily scan received products without opening the box, making the acceptance process quite simple and fast. Stocktaking process is also easier than ever with long-range readers. A staff member with a long-range reader can scan the whole store and complete stocktaking within 15 minutes. Therefore, PassDesk automates inventory tracking, which means less human error occurs and less workforce is used